Featured Turtle Pictures  -  June 13, 2005

Spiny Soft-shell (Apalone spinifera) adult male

Straight Carapace Length (SCL) = 8"
Maximum Carapace Width (MCW) = not recorded
Weight = 1 lb.
Gender = male
Named: Ferd
   - feisty, unblemished male

   - loaned for observation and photos by Chris Wilson, owner of 1 Fish 2 Fish pet store, Owensboro, KY

   - common to the Green River (a tributary of the Ohio River) and its tributaries in Kentucky
     extremely frisky with much thrashing and flailing
     very long neck makes this turtle difficult to hold without being bitten
     slippery plastron makes the shell difficult to grasp securely
     note that turtle may be safely held if deliberately and firmly grasped by carapace just forward of hind legs
     long tail with enlarged base and distal cloaca make this a male turtle
     Where would turtle handlers be without those 5-gallon drywall joint compound buckets?



Special thanks to Chris Wilson at 1 Fish 2 Fish.