Irish Dancemaster Button Accordion - 21 treble / 8 bass buttons
(A/A# - Custom-tuned)
Voici mon nouvel accordéon Irish Dancemaster!  This instrument was custom built and tuned by Michael Usui at Irish Dancemaster Accordions.  In A/A#, the instrument can be played naturally in the keys of A on the outside row and Bb (a.k.a. A#) on the inside row.  The result is a box that can play along with traditional folk instruments (violins, mandolins, guitars, etc.) while also having the capability of being played easily with band instruments that play more naturally in Bb (trumpets, saxophones, and other horns).  This little button box radiates quality, and it shows a 2-row accordion as close to perfection as you are likely to find anywhere.  The feel is velvety smoothe; the touch and action are quick and silent; and the bellows are more supple than folded silk.  Kudos to Michael and his Irish Dancemaster Accordions in Florida (and, look out Italy)!
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