Here are some pictures of the house in Beaver Dam, located at 433 N. Main Street, about 5 blocks from downtown.  The house was built around 1926 by Gordon Young, founder of the Young Lumber and Milling Company in Beaver Dam.  Mr. Young reportedly used his connections with the lumber industry to obtain only the best building materials for his house.  For example, the story is that he had California redwood shipped in (in 1926!) to use for the house's framing.

Downstairs plan  (there is a huge basement, too)

Upstairs  (the proportions are approximate .. I didn't measure anything)

Front yard

Side/back yard

Side/front yard

The old goldfish pool  It's under there somewhere

Upstairs  Built-in wardrobe

From the DR thru LR to Sun Room  Check out the hardwood floors

Sarah Victoria Knight  "Atsa my girl!"

Susan Elizabeth Berilla (1998)  My oldest daughter (we call her "Fifi" at home)

Fifi and Joshua Joseph Knight  August 1991

Angela Benignus (now Burns) and Josh  ca. 1989 in College Station, TX