Greetings from Terry Knight

My name is Terry J. Knight.  I am from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, but I have lived in several other cities in other regions of the United States and in other parts of the world.  Perhaps we have met somewhere.  Here are some of the places I've lived:

Please feel free to drop me a line at if I can answer any questions for you or be of any other assistance.

I have loaded some images on this special web page to give you an idea of how I looked at different times in my past.

The way my family looked on vacation in Holland (Vollendam), 1953.   My father was in the US Navy in Bremerhaven, Germany, and we moved back to Beaver Dam in 1954.  I was the blond boy.

Drum Major of Kellam High School Band, 1965-66.  Floyd E. Kellam High School is in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Special Forces sergeant - radio operator in elephant grass, 1970  (this was in Panama)

Green Beret with friends during a medical assistance visit to the Panama interior, 1970

Working and playing music with my dad while attending Western Kentucky University (1972-1978)

Western Kentucky University (1978): at the Zeiss 9 Electron Microscope; with Thesis Director Dr. Fernando Morgado

Young Army captain (MSC) receiving letter of appreciation, Brooke Army Medical Center, 1981

Public Rehearsal, Ramstein, Germany, 1994 mit Herrn V. Baqué, Chef des Akkordeon Club, Ramstein-Miesenbach

Kreis Kaiserslautern, Germany, ca. 1996

Guest performance with Bonepony on Fat Tuesday, 12 February 2002

With my Strasser accordion at a friends house, late summer 2002

College Biology Teacher with large Yellow-bellied Slider, 2003

Playing at the Nutty Bean coffee shop, March 2004

Strolling through antique store at the Beaver Dam Strawberry Festival (May 2004)

Flugelhorn and Tails, 2004

Guest Conductor of 6th-grade band, May 2005

Newspaper Article, January 2006

Assembly at Deer Park Elementary School, May 2006

Turtle Assembly at Wayland Alexander School, September 2006

Pennywhistle, September 2006

Christmas Program, December 2006

Original Artwork by Terry Knight (I am an enthusiastic artist and illustrator)